Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What would you use shaving foam and hair gel for?

 Hi everyone, hope you are all well. 
Spain is super hot at the moment, which apparently is quite unusual for the his time of year. 
Normally I would cool down in the pool but my husband drained it to do some repairs, I just hope he gets it finished before August. 
Lovely class on Friday. I demonstrated the shaving foam technique and hair gel
I demonstrated this classic England about five years ago and it always has the wow factor. 
The Ladies enjoying their icecreams  it was such a hot day .
The shaving foam is so easy but effective. On a tray or paper plate spray a good amount of shaving foam. (Not shaving gel) then using reinkers drop several colors randomly on you smoothed out shaving foam. With the end of a paint brush or cocktail stick swirl the ink around until you have a random pattern. 
Place a piece of white card onto your shaving foam gently pressing down making sure the whole area is covered . Lift the card off and scrape  the excess foam off then pat dry with kitchen roll. It leaves the most fabulous  marble effect . This is a great technique for background papers. 
We then used a tree stencil and made another background.
I will explain hair gel in my next post as I have another class on Friday, so will share pictures of cards made. Please leave a comment would love to hear from you. Take care and keep crafting love Julie xx

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ice cream and crafts

 Hola hope you are all fit and well.
         The weather here in Spain is exceptionally hot for June, thank goodness for aircon.but that didn't stop us crafting.they all made a gorgeous framed picture from card .

I love making these so simple , they make fabulous gifts. I'm going to make some for Christmas presents.... Sorry I mentioned the c-word .lol. 
The ladies did very well considering it was so hot. 
I normally bring cream cakes to the class but because of the heat I spoilt them with ice creams . 
Here are the ladies in action. 
 Take care and keep crafting xx

Friday, 21 April 2017

Gift bags

Hi hope you are all fit and well. I've had a couple of classes this month where we made two gorgeous little gift bags. Similar method  but one had no cutting but the smallest bag had alittle cutting. 
Some lovely new ladies who did very well. 
Here are a few bags I made , they are quite sturdy . The smaller one is made from designer series paper. This bag takes a small candle or sweets. 

Here are the ladies crafting and eating cream cakes  lol.....
All the ladies dId exceptionally well, sorry forgot to take photo of cakes but they didn't last long. Lol
Anyway got to go , cards to make for tomorrow's market. See you all soon. Take care and keep crafting Julie's 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Floating Teacups

Hola hope you are all stocked up well with Easter eggs. I love Easter egg chocolate, and especially cream eggs. My lovey friend sue has brought me 24 cream eggs from England , I'm trying not to eat them and to use them in my craft projects buts it's so hard lol. 
Anyway wanted to have a challenge so decided to make a floating teacup, I'd seen several on Pinterest but wanted to make mine alittle more unique . I decided to make my first one using parchment . 
I've recently just purchased the Tina Cox flower plate , so I colored my own parchment paper using dorso  crayons and essential oil . 
It was time consuming but loved the intricate cutting and embossing. 
Loved how this turned out. So delicate.
I then made another one with stunning red roses. Hope you like them take care and keep crafting. Julie xx

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Thoughtful Branches

Good evening, hope you are all fit and well.
Busy week so far, lunch today with the ladies of El Choppo. 
It's a time for us to have a chat and to catch up with what's happening in the village.  
I've only had time to do a little crafting. This is the first time I've used the thoughtful branches stamp set from stampin up . Thankfully they have matching dies which makes it so quick and simple to cut them out. 
I've kept the same design just altered colors and wording. Hope you like them . 
 Take care and keep crafting Julie xx

Friday, 17 February 2017

Craft and eat cupcakes

Hi everyone, hope you are all fit and well.
Brilliant workshop today with some amazing ladies and a special young girl called Samantha.
Today I taught them how to make  2 simple pop up cards . Make themed and a very girlie cupcake card. 
Here's some fab pictures of the ladies in action 
Now I'm wondering did they enjoy the cupcakes more than the crafting, most of the action shots seem to involve cake. Lol. 
Our next workshop is 17th March 12-3 . Hope to see you all soon and thank you to all those attended. Special thank you to Karen who owns the shop for helping xx

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Stamping up meets pergamano

Good evening, 
Hope you are all fit and well. As you all know by now I'm loving parchment craft, but I also love stampin up.
I recently purchased "Beautiful you" from Stampin up and I knew I wanted to mix it up alittle. 
So I stamped the lady with white ink on parchment paper. Groovi plates came out for the background. Coloured with promarkers. 
The grid work is my own design and took me forever lol, but I enjoyed the whole process of this card.
Take are and keep crafting Julie x

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Hey chick, I'm free.......

Good evening, 
              Today's weather has been super windy, and has probably done a lot of damage. Some winds in the Sierra Nevada were up to 90mph.
This weather was a great excuse to have a guilt free craft afternoon
I love coloring images and fiddly cutting that's probably why I'm enjoying parchment craft so much. 
The stamp set I've used is called "Hey Chick" from Stamping up which I received free (yes free)  because I spent £45 on other products . I also bought the "Beautiful You" stamp set which I will show you later next week. 
Well here are the cards I made. 
 As you can see the chickens have quite small feet to cut out, if you aren't confident cutting them out  cut them off. Same with the chickens feathers just cut them right off.
Stamp your image onto your card and color the bits you have snipped of , then stamp again and cut out.  Hope this picture makes more sense then me trying to explain it lol 
Then foam pads and decoupage on original image. You can't tell that you may have snipped feet of etc. Hope this helps . Anyway take care and keep crafting. Please leave a comment if you have time . Julie xx

Friday, 27 January 2017

Parchment pictures.

Good evening. Today I'm sharing two pictures which I have completed. I'm still loving my parchment journey and still have lots to learn. My favorite picture up to now is the owl the Green diamantes  just finish it nicely. The giraffe was a zentangle colouring page which I turned into a parchment pattern very challenging. Hope you are all well take care and keep crafting Julie xx

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Candles galore

Good afternoon, 
         Hope you all had a fab new year. We certainly did ,last guests went around 3.30am.
It wasn't the party I expected. Everybody was well behaved and no trouble. (a little disappointing really I took the carpet up expecting dancing  and lots of alcohol to be consumed lol). New Year's Day we slept then had a lovely evening meal at a friends home, proper roast potatoes .......
Well today I've been catching up on a few candles as I'm running low. Some ew quotes and some old favorites, 
I love candles , the Spanish don't use candles the same as us British . Once they light a candle they don't put it out they just let it burn, whereas we relight. 
 Still loving my parchment and have a few cards to show you In my next blog. Take care and keep crafting Julie xx